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Simple Fix H1 Tag Error in WordPress Theme – Kadence Theme H1 Tag Error

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Are you using WordPress and facing H1 Tag Error in WordPress Themes? If It is a big YES. Then this article is for you.

This article will help you to fix the H1 tag error in the WordPress theme. Like my current Kadence WordPress theme h1 tag error surprise me to find a solution. So here I wrote this article.

Today I will share with you the solution to fix this error by following the simple steps. before starting this article, I would suggest you find the reasons behind any error. This will enable you to recognize the root of the error you face.

Let’s start, Currently, I am using Kadence WordPress Theme. I found an H1 Tag error while I was performing an SEO check on my website. I usually check my SEO score often to make it more user-friendly.

The same error is found in a few other WordPress themes if you have selected a static homepage in your WordPress website. Due to this, the default settings are applied to your website.

Fix the Kadence WordPress Theme H1 Tag Error

If you are using the Kadence WordPress theme, and performing SEO checks on the website, you will face the same H1 tag error on the Homepage that occurred cause of the WordPress theme default setting.

but we can not downgrade any theme due to a single error if It comes with many premium features. Which are paid and you need to pay to have on your website or need to do manually.

I believe its makers and developers keep one thing in their mind while they are developing this theme. They want a theme for everyone with maximum features. Maybe due to this, they didn’t recognize this error.

I like this theme and must tell you it is a very good theme for all bloggers compared to Astra and GeneratePress WordPress themes. It has maximum inbuilt features that are not provided in Astra and GeneratePress’s free version. Also, its loading time is fast in comparison to Astra and GeneratePress.

As we know H1 tag means Heading one and the H1 tag is the most important part of search engine optimization for any page or post on your website. And if you are facing an error like the H1 tag missing on some page. It will reduce your blog visibility on search results.

Find Reason to Fix H1 Tag Error in WordPress Themes

As I suggested earlier in this article, We should analyze the error first to get the right direction to solve any error. If you found H1 Tag Error on our homepage so you should track your homepage for this issue.

So you need to go > Themes > Customise > Homepage Settings to find the reason for this error.

As you know H1 tag missing on Home Page only, so you should check your archive settings or home page settings to resolve this.

Most probably, H1 Tag Error occurred on the home page cause of selecting the static home page. Due to selecting a static home page, The archive header settings of the WordPress theme are applied by default.

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Fix Kadence Theme H1 Tag Error

Kadence WordPress Theme has an option to show page titles on archive or page or static pages.

Just click on Home Page and find the options that show the title. It is unchecked by default for the free version. You need to check this to show your blog title on your Home Page. This step will enable your WordPress theme to add an H1 tag on your home page with the title.

There is one consequence. If you don’t want to show any title on the homepage with your post gallery. It can be possible in the following 2 ways.

  1. The first way is to edit your WordPress Theme manually to achieve desired results or choose the second way.
  2. The second way is easier and more fruitful for you. Just make a custom home page for your WordPress blog.

Another way to solve the H1 tag error in the WordPress theme can be to customize the homepage. If you don’t know how to customize your home page without any paid plug-in then you can do it with the Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks – Page Builder Features plugin. I have created my home page with the same plugin. It is also free to use and has all the necessary blocks for designing a homepage.

It will help you to enhance your post look and give you the freedom to use features like Elementor and Wpbakery Page Builder provided without any extra purchase. You can also use their wireframe and templates by subscribing to your email for free. But you need to pay for PRO templates.

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