Top 30+ Fast, Responsive, and Free Blogger Templates 2022 small size

Top 30+ Fast, Responsive Free Blogger Templates

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32. Blazing

Blazing - Free Fast, and Responsive Blogger Templates 2022
Blazing – Free Fast, and Responsive Blogger Templates 2022

Another responsive blogger template that deserves to be a mainstay for illustrators, graphic designers, and photographers to display their work. Blazing is a template that optimally accentuates your blog’s content.

With the featured box feature offered, your work and the digital products you sell will be well displayed.

Blazing also allows you to customize the colors according to your needs. Not only that, this template with a two-column concept features a number page navigation, a comment widget, and a customizable header.

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Why Use Responsive Blogger Templates?

After seeing all responsive blogger templates, some of you may ask: “Why should you use a responsive template?”

Responsive design is a design technique where the website must be able to perform well on various screen sizes, especially on mobile devices.

So, what’s the reason for using responsive design for your blog?

1. Search Engine Liked

Since April 21, 2015, Google has

determined that websites that can perform well on mobile devices will get priority ranking in search engines.

That is, if you do not follow these conditions, your blog cannot be on the first page of search results. Even if your content is of high quality, if it makes it difficult for mobile users to access it, Google will not recommend it.

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2. Reach More People

Nowadays most people access the internet through their mobile devices. In fact, 58% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices.

So, if you want to reach more people to visit your blog, your website must have a responsive design.

3. Not Left By Visitors

If internet users visit your blog and it doesn’t look great on their phones, they will leave immediately.

From a study, Google says 61% of these users will not come back again and even 40% of them immediately switch to competitor blogs.

For a business blog or freelancer blog, this has a very serious impact.

4. Look More Professional

Especially for those of you who are building a business blog or portfolio, using a responsive blogger template will show your professionalism. Because visitors will get a pleasant experience visiting your blog.

At, we have the One Click Blogspot Integration feature that can speed up the change from BlogSpot to a custom domain.

It’s time to determine your preferred blogger template

There are also many choices of responsive blogger templates that you can use. Of course, all the options above make you more flexible in beautifying the appearance of your blog.

Besides being attractive, responsive blogger templates also guarantee good performance on your blog. This is very much needed by your visitors. Thus, visitors will be more comfortable lingering on your blog.

Happy making choices and happy blogging!

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