Top 30+ Fast, Responsive, and Free Blogger Templates 2022 small size

Top 30+ Fast, Responsive Free Blogger Templates

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28. Games

Games - Free Fast, and Responsive Blogger Templates 2022
Games – Free Fast, and Responsive Blogger Templates 2022

For those gamers who want to build a blog like KotakGame

or Gamebrott, SoraGames could be an interesting choice template.

Your game blog will be able to display the latest game reviews as well as more interesting tips and tricks for playing games. Whatever type of game you are showing. Starting from First Person Shooter (FPS), and Role Play Games (RPG) to adventure.

Especially after eSports were tested at the 2018 Sea Games, the enthusiasm of gamers has increased.

In terms of appearance, SoraGames puts forward a featured image slider for the latest news or game reviews. In addition, this template is also equipped with social media buttons to share articles on social media.

Not to forget, SoraGames can also be accessed via mobile phones with an equally good appearance thanks to the responsive mobile features.

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29. VideoPlay

VideoPlay - Free Fast, and Responsive Blogger Templates 2022
VideoPlay – Free Fast, and Responsive Blogger Templates 2022
VideoPlay – Free Fast, and Responsive Blogger Templates 2022

video play is a responsive blogger template for streaming video blogs.

Make your blog a better means of displaying a variety of videos from your YouTube channel. Because this template has many menus to categorize the videos you have.

Not only that, various features ranging from sliders to hover effects will make it look more attractive.

Let’s say you have a lot of tutorial videos on YouTube. With this template, you can build an educational blog with video media. The more videos you have, the more likely you are to have loyal visitors to your educational blog.

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30. Momma’s Love

Free Fast, and Responsive Blogger Templates 2022
Momma’s Love – Free Fast, and Responsive Blogger Templates 2022

As the name implies, this blogger template is suitable for parenting blogs that use the concept of a magazine layout.

Momma’s Love can be a great choice for you to build a blog like Hamsa Family

or Grace Melia.

This template has a variety of features, from the featured post slider to install the four best posts, to the ease of customizing the colors and fonts that you will use.

Momma’s Love doesn’t miss the social media sharing and mobile responsive features to make it easy to access via cellphone.

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31. Folio

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Folio – Free Fast, and Responsive Blogger Templates 2022

It’s incomplete if you miss Folio as one of the best blogger templates. This template with a one-pager concept looks very exclusive and professional for building a portfolio blog.

All creative workers, from videographers to illustrators can use this template. In fact, for freelance workers from online businesses such as writers, this template can be the best choice.

The features in the Folio are also very complete. Your blog visitors will be amazed by the various animations that are displayed. There is also a slider feature that you can place in the center of your blog.

What is quite encouraging is that the social media sharing options offered are very complete, from Twitter to LinkedIn.

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