How to unblock Website URL on Facebook

How to unblock URL on Facebook in a few easy steps? 100% Working

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This is the second trick that will help you to unblock URL on Facebook. You just need to read this article and follow the steps given. so without any delay, I would share a second process with you that makes you able to unblock your URL On Facebook in a few easy steps.

If you landed on this page directly, you should try the first trick first about Unblocking URLs on Facebook. This is the second trick that I have used when the first trick won’t work for my website URL.

Friends, I can understand, how it is painful when you can’t generate good quality traffic for your website. I can only say one thing that you should try. You will unblock your website URL as I got success because I already used this trick to unblock my website on Facebook. but I cannot guarantee it.

Easy Steps to unblock URLs on Facebook.

I have written this article to help you unblock your website URL on Facebook. If you follow all the Processes given in the first trick for unblocking URLs on Facebook and it’s been more than 10 days now. Still, your website is not approved as an unblocked website.

Before you follow the septs, you have advised that you have to convenience Facebook Team that your website has only safe content for its users. You never do spam on Facebook. so here are the steps of this trick. Hope you get a solution.

Step 1: Get a share of your article.

Ask 3 and 4 friends to share any one article on your website to their Facebook timeline. If anyone shares your article. They will get a popup like it’s spam or gets nothing. but after a few minutes ask them to check their notification. Notification will be like this 👇 See the picture below.

Facebook Notification Image - unblock url on facebook
Facebook Notification Image – Unblock URL on Facebook

Step 2: Click on Notification in the notification bar.

Now tell Friends to click on notifications like in the above-given image. After clicking this notification you will be diverted to a new page. You got this message “This post goes against our Community Standards on spam”. See the image given below. Don’t worry about it and just follow the steps as I have conveyed.

Unblock URL on Facebook by Requesting a review
Unblock URL on Facebook by Requesting a review

Step 3: Click on the “Request Review” Button.

Now Ask your Friends to “Request Review” like the above-given image. Just click on the Request Review button to Review the shared blocked URL. After “Request Review” you have to wait about 24 hours to 1 week. If takes a long time don’t panic. Just have patience and wait for the Facebook reply.

Unblock URL on Facebook - under review
Unblock URL on Facebook – under review

Random Questions are being asked on Facebook regarding website URLs being blocked.:

  1. How to unblock Domain Link/website URL on Facebook?
See also  Easy steps to unblock website URL on Facebook.

Ans.: with the help of these tricks you can unblock your Domain URL.

  1. Unblock the Website URL from Facebook.

Ans.: Use Second Trick if the First trick doesn’t give the result.

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  8. how to unblock a website from Facebook?

Ans.: For having a solution to the above-given question, You will have to try above mention tricks. I assured you that you will definitely get a solution after the use of these tricks.

Conclusion: You will get unblocked your website on Facebook with the use of this trick. I believe, you are going to appreciate my work in the comment box.

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